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Tirelli Srl

Tirelli Co. was founded in 1957 as a producer of electrical equipments and assemblies.

Later the company developed production of a wide range of equipment for industrial automation, specializing in the packaging sector: fillers, cappers and labelers, either functioning in “stand-alone” mode or combined in a production line.

Always aiming to improve its offering, over the last three years Tirelli has focused its production on “turn-key” equipment especially for the chemical-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Some of the best and most important producers in the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical fields are among the over 700 international customers of Tirelli Co. in over 42 countries.

  • Tirelli Co. manufactures “on-demand” machines which completely match the needs of the final users and address the requirements of their production.
  • The lines manufactured by Tirelli Co. are made with high-quality materials, and electrics & electronics are by the best brands on the market.
  • Each machine is designed by their Engineering Department on the basis of the samples supplied by the Customer. Each solution is studied according to the client’s specific requirements in order to offer “on-demand” products.

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