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Handeling Filling Capping Packaging Monoblock MINAB ABJ Complete lines


MINAB KTL Fullyautomatic Cappingmachine.

MINAB KTL series.

This machines gives flexibility a whole new meaning.


The machine is intended for sealing bottles, jars and containers

with screw or press-on caps.

MINAB KTL is designed to meet the highest requirements in

accuracy and ease of operation. Yet It is rugged to, bringing the

need for service and support to a minimum.






 Stoppil EB6000


Wheel-type cap tightener.

Suitable for all cap types.

No formatparts.


Runs quietly.

Adaptable to all conveyors.






Tirelli Oscar -Fully automatic capping of bottles with Triggerspray


Inline triggercapping.

Relatively small dimensions.

Easy to adapt to existing lines.

Capacity: - 3500 bph.


As an option the machine can be equipped to handle standard

screw-on caps. This makes for an extremely flexible machine.




​Tirelli Ro  



  Fully automatic machine with rotating star wheel:

  Standard screw or press on caps.
  Cap orienting system.
  Bottle orienting system.

  Pilfer Proof caps.


C.M.C. Closing Systems CM/RE500


     Semi automatic. Used for closing with pilfer    

     proof, metal or plastic caps on glass and  

     plastic containers.

C.M.C. Closing Systems CM/M500

     Semi automatic. Used for closing glass or

     plastic containers with pilferproof metal caps 

     with or without dripcatcher.


MINAB Pac also offers solutions for machines with higher capacity or capping of buckets or jars. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.